Emergency Preparedness for CBRN Incidents


The main objective of this course is to give present and future CBRN emergency planners, CBRN program managers and CBRN executive strategists the knowledge and the tools they need to develop, implement and maintain effective CBRN plans and programs. The course covers all basic aspects required for managing an effective emergency preparedness program. Specific training courses are available in each area for those personnel specializing in that area.


40 hours.

Target Audience

CBRN current and future emergency response planners and program managers.

This course can be made available on-line.


  • Overview of terrorist acts
  • Anatomy of terrorist acts
  • Radiation basics
  • Chemical agent basics
  • Biological agent basics
  • Key features of planning for and responding to CBRN terrorist emergencies
  • Security basics
  • Command and control for first responders
  • Concepts of operations for various event types
  • Medical aspects
  • Media relations
  • The planning process
  • Emergency preparedness program management
  • Emergency exercises: preparation, conduct and evaluation basics
  • Overview of international guidance and safety standards
  • Recovery
  • Role of international organizations
  • Tabletop exercise


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