Stress Assessment at Workplace

Stress Assessment at Workplace

Stress is the body’s natural response or reaction to any change that can be in an environment or a person’s personal life. This body’s reply results in a strain that gives tension and provokes thoughts in mind. These thoughts then take the person’s attention away from any kind of work, he or she is doing, and takes the person in the past. The stress and anxiety is a compounding effect, meaning it increases more and more if not neutralized in the very beginning or start.

The negative effect of unmanaged stress creates negative thoughts would give rise to more negative thoughts and even disappointment with one’s life which may cause suicidal thoughts and even attempts at suicide. Stress starts with very little worry and can end up being a monster that destroys one’s life.

Some of the early signs of employee stress could be

  • Loss of interest in their jobs
  • Feeling disgruntled about their jobs
  • Skipping important meetings
  • Not attending training or conferences
  • Expressing negative thoughts to colleagues
  • Complaining about minor things, etc

Stress in the workplace should never be taken lightly nor should it be ignored as can be a silent killer if it is not dealt with timeously and effectively. As the quantity and speed of the workload increases, the consequence is that negative emotional responses will be triggered off more frequently in the workplace. This will be a clear tell-tale sign that workplace stress is starting to negatively affect the productivity and employee engagement in the workplace.

Workplace stress can be, however, very difficult to notice in an individual as the symptoms maybe camouflaged very effectively by some employees either consciously or unconsciously.

In psychiatry, they say that there is no disease, there are just disorders that can be cured through counselling and coaching as the coaching can “emotionally regulate” the employees to help them to become more resilient and capable in the face of day to day life.

Unmanaged work stress will lead to job burnout, which is now a legitimate medical diagnosis, according to the World Health Organization’s handbook that guides medical providers in diagnosing diseases. Therefore, management must prioritise treating high stress levels in the workplace as urgent. There are many options available to effectively treat high stress, however, measuring stress levels poses a challenge. That is, until now!

Our scientifically validated Reality Check EcoMetric™ is a technology-based Management tool that provides management with an accurate metric on the Organisational Health of their employees.

Our Reality-Check EcoMetric™, is not a NOT AN EMPLOYEE SURVEY, is a powerful internet-based management resource with over 28 years of research and development in the fields of study known as Ecology and Ecometrics, the quantification of human behaviour within a defined and specific environment.

The Benefits of implementing the Reality-Check EcoMetric™.

You gain…

  • An understanding of the Well-being of each employee, department and their division.
  • Understanding employees Stress & Frustration Levels
  • Understanding employee Job Satisfaction levels
  • Understanding employee Achievement and Expectation levels
  • Understanding each employee driving dynamics – what motivates them.
  • Increased Staff retention.
  • Increased staff performance levels.
  • Increased teamwork.
  • Enhanced communication, understanding & awareness at all levels.
  • Increased staff morale.
  • A vital Recruitment tools
  • Effective & practical Leadership development.
  • Talent management and retention.
  • Career Path Management.

Organizational Health is dependent on the organizations performance as a system of interrelated components functioning together, seeking balance. All the top-performing CEO’s would agree that they cannot improve what they do not measure. Furthermore, monitoring outcomes allows management to identify and spread best practices, to pinpoint areas of weakness and to implement strategic goals and visions.

When viewed through this lens, how healthy is your organisation?

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