Developing a more focused and engaged Executive Leader

A constant challenge for women leaders is striking a balance between work and personal life - and in this area, traditional gender expectations often still prevail like wanting women to put their family first. Some women also feel they would have been more effective in running their businesses if they didn't have to deal with [...]

Creating Executive Presence – Breaking Habits Holding Women Back

So many Women Empowerment groups been formed…... Everyone wants to fix Women, Empower Women, Making women WISER, Reforming Women, Connect Women Uplift Women??? Do Women, Need Reforming? Do women need Fixing? Do women need Uplifting? And here is the Irony…. Most of the above initiatives are started by Women…. Organizations eagerly sponsor women's events, programs [...]

Beyond the Glass Ceiling

According to, the meaning of “Glass Ceiling” is as follows: "An upper limit to professional advancement that is imposed upon women, minorities, and other nondominant groups and is not readily perceived or openly acknowledged”. According to Wikipedia, the definition provided is as follows: A glass ceiling is a metaphor used to represent an invisible [...]

Media Release of Orbrix CEO Making Headlines

HAWA CHARFARAY CEO & Founder, Training Excellence SA – CEO, Orbrix Dubai FINALIST for Woman of Stature Awards in the Woman in Education Category Friday 7 November 2019, Johannesburg: - And the Finalists are … The eighty finalists of the 6th Woman of Stature Awards were announced on Saturday 2nd November at the launch of [...]