Surviving in Tough Economic Times

I have learned through my Business executive coaching with clients, that this topics in particular evokes various emotions such as anger, anxiety, hopelessness, stress, despair, frustration, etc. and all this, is totally understandable because as Humans beings, our first reactions are almost always emotional until we are forced to start acting rational in order to [...]

Organisational Health Depends on These Two Critical Factors

In a rapidly transforming business landscape, HR Management challenges along with Organisational Health elements continue to evolve, and suitable solutions need to be continuously defined in order to remain competitive and succeed in global markets. Business leaders certainly acknowledge the important link between organisational health (culture), its employees and business performance. However most simply focus [...]

Navigating the Corporate Jungle as a Lioness

Hawa Charfaray, CEO and Founder of Training Excellence, now 20 years in establishment in South Africa and Middle East. Since Hawa last appeared on our Cover of Covered Magazine, almost 1 year ago, much has happened in her business and career since earning her the title of the Lioness of Africa. Looking back, so much [...]

Developing a more focused and engaged Executive Leader

A constant challenge for women leaders is striking a balance between work and personal life - and in this area, traditional gender expectations often still prevail like wanting women to put their family first. Some women also feel they would have been more effective in running their businesses if they didn't have to deal with [...]